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Are you using Google+ as a content marketing platform? If not, you should be.

Google + has become a big player in the online world and for good reason. Yes, it has had its up and downs and its doubtful critics (I’m sure you’ve heard “No one is on Google +). But, no one can deny the huge impact it has on SEO. The truth of the matter is, Google loves (and will reward you) when you use their tools. Here are the 3 reasons why you should be on Google +:

It is rooted deeply with search engines. Google built the platform, so that means it works with Google. Google + is extremely search friendly; the more content available, the more likely Google is to send traffic to your site. It is also interlaced with Gmail and YouTube.

300 millions active users. Need I say more?

Google+ Local Page comes with lots of advantages. The search results for a company registered as a local page will include a detailed Google Map for easy access to directions, picture of the business and recent blog posts. If a user clicks on any of these options, there is an increased chance of a click through to your website and/or social media channels. All great components for increased exposure.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • When posting on Google +, use hashtags for popular subject matters. Google + will even recommend relevant hashtags for you!
  • Be involved. Share and comment on industry related posts. Create an online community by becoming part of it.
  • Obtain positive reviews. People love reading what others have to say - the more stars the better.

Remember that Google +, Facebook and Twitter are playing different games. This isn’t the major leagues and the minor leagues, it’s the NBA and the NHL. The game is different (social shares vs. search traffic). But, if obtaining a higher search engine rank and increasing your online visibility is your goal, there is no reason not to utilize this platform. Interested in learning more about SEO and other useful social media platforms — download our white paper “The Social Media Multiplier.”