Navigating the Ocean

We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now: Blue Ocean Strategy. Finding your niche & positioning yourself ahead of the competition is the name of the game.

But what are the key take-aways from Blue Ocean Strategy? If you could only remember 7 Blue Ocean ideas, what would they be?

7 Must-Know Ideas from Blue Ocean Strategy

#1 - Blue Ocean Strategy isn’t just a couple of guys’ arm-chair theory. It’s the result of 10 years of study covering 150 strategic moves. The moves were made by organizations in more than 30 industries & happened over the span of 12 decades (1880-2000). Adds a little credibility, eh?

#2 - Blue Ocean Strategy isn’t just about saving money or just about making yourself different. It’s really the intersection of being original & being profitable. The most cutting-edge & original products often fail because they’re just too expensive for the market to bear.

#3 - Blue Ocean positioning isn’t about merely making your product do better than your existing competition’s product. The goal is to transcend your current industry to create a new market that is yours alone. Think about the iPad. When Apple released it, the tablet was a little known concept. Apple didn’t just come up with an outstanding touch-screen laptop — they created a whole new product.

#4 - Innovation & successful new products aren’t just the domain of start-ups & entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks to experiment. Blue Ocean Strategy found that any organization can follow systematic processes to bring about their own niche offering. Apple & Google do it all the time — you don’t have to be zany start-up to succeed.

#5 - Working through your own Blue Ocean Strategy doesn’t have to be a lot of abstract words & concepts. There are several visual frameworks & tools that enable your entire organization to give their perspective & stay connected to the overall strategy.

#6 - Most strategies say that the environmental factors shape the strategy. Others say that the strategy actually shapes the environment. Blue Ocean Strategy does both: your strategy is informed by your environment & your environment is actually changed by your strategy. You achieve the success you aimed for.

#7 - As mentioned earlier, it’s not enough to have a stellar value proposition: you need a good profit proposition too. Blue Ocean strategy helps you align those two with an equally important third: your people proposition. It’s no good if you have a killer product that’s extremely profitable, but your organization just can’t execute. Value, profit, & people: get all of these right & you’ll be sailing smoothly into your own, beautiful Blue Ocean.

What’s Next

To ensure you keep getting your fix, we’ll be blogging about Blue Ocean Strategy for the upcoming weeks.

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