Video Production Services

Bring your brand to life.

Video can provide valuable information, insights, and connections for viewers in your target audience. It can help evoke emotion, tug at the heartstrings or tickle the funny bone — which makes it a powerful channel for advertising your brand.

Broadcast commercials have been around for years — because they are effective and continue to be effective. Also, consumers are now turning to online video consumption. YouTube has grown to be the second largest search engine on the web today. Many people are consuming video through sites such as Hulu and other video sites for watching TV shows and movies.

We help you utilize these channels to communicate your brand to consumers. 

  • Broadcast television spots: Reach a wide variety of people via the nightly news or prime time shows, or pinpoint your target audience with ease using cable options.
  • Web videos: With the right SEO and web placement, video can make your brand widely viewed on the web.
  • Pre-roll spots: We can help you advertise on some of your target audiences’s favorite YouTube channels, or online on-demand sites.
  • Training and instructional videos: Guide employees though new or existing company processes with an informative training video.
  • Video for social media: Share your video via other social channels, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We handle every step of the video process, from start to finish. Each client is different, and has different video needs, but we have the capacity and experience to tell a brand’s story in an emotionally compelling way. We deal with:

  • Planning the shoot and scheduling shoot dates
  • Scheduling interviews with company employees/customers
  • Writing video scripts and on-screen text
  • Video direction and production
  • Editing footage including interviews, b-roll and adding on-screen animation and text
  • Ad placement and media planning and buying