Some people actually spend a lot of time scoping the internet for free stuff.  And there’s plenty of it out there. With its coupons and free samples and freeware, the internet can provide hours of entertainment for people looking for complimentary goodies.

Everybody Else is Doing It…

One way to increase traffic to your site and make your email list grow is to join the crowd and offer something for free. If it’s something super cool, the freebie alone might be enough to lure people to your site. A really cool screensaver or some wallpaper, for instance, can attract a party if it’s unique enough.

If you can’t come up with something earth-shattering, there’s nothing wrong with something tried and true. Good content packaged in a list or an e-book might not cause a mad rush to your website, but it may help you to collect the email addresses of people who do visit. If you have information and visitors to your site need it, volunteering their email addresses is usually no big deal. (Just make sure not to collect that email address as part of a complicated 28-question form…you want them to get what they want without feeling hassled.)

Look at it this way…people go to the trouble of taking cars and cabs and buses to go places that offer free stuff or even discounts…and they can visit websites that do the same without even leaving the comfort of their homes.  If you were doing some online browsing, wouldn’t you appreciate getting something for free?