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A majority of companies say they plan to focus on increasing their web traffic in 2012, according to a recent report by MarketingSherpa.
The drivers for this are two main objectives: generating leads and ROI.

The authors point out that given the slowing down of the sales cycle, companies have to keep a strong flow of leads they can nurture and eventually turn into sales.

It’s interesting how little emphasis companies placed on improving public relations. Only six percent of businesses polled said this was an objective for the next 12 months.

Increasing lead generation was the most important pay-per-click objective for businesses serving other businesses.

More than 70 percent of companies who handle consumer sales said increasing online sales revenue was their top objective for PPC programs in the next year. That was not the case for B2B websites surveyed.

Pay per click remains incredibly popular.

As we told you back in 2010, “You write ads, identify the relevant keywords, and wait patiently for people to type the keywords into Google. When someone does, your ad will pop up on the side of his screen – and you pay nothing unless he clicks on it.” Read more about pay per click here.

Increasing web traffic, lead generation, ROI, etc. are all measurable elements that a majority of companies said they want. But what only about a quarter of those polled said they cared to do about it is come up with a plan to execute. Perhaps they have already invested in creating a plan and are just executing. Or maybe they don’t see the value in a strategic marketing plan to execute on all fronts. If you’re in that group, read this before you set your opinion in stone.

If you do have a solid plan you’re ready to execute to achieve more web traffic and increase your inbound leads and ROI, let the web design experts at IntelliSites help!