Offline marketing used to be the only kind of marketing.

Billboards, flyers, brochures, sales letters, direct mail, cold calls, marketing events, seminars, sponsorships, newspaper ads, magazine ads, pitching the media a story, giveaways, signs - those were all the old-fashioned methods of building a brand, building relationships, building awareness, communicating with your customers and potential customers, and getting buzz on the street.

Guess what? We still need them BIG TIME

Studies have shown that 70% of online traffic is driven by traditional marketing (offline). As a full-service integrated marketing agency, Burst Marketing offers a full slate of traditional marketing & creative services through its award-winning, Impress Printing & Graphics division.

In addition to graphic design & print marketing, we offer personalized and on-demand marketing materials, direct mail, tradeshow displays and graphics, promotional items and event support.


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