Did you hear about this craziness?

Seems that a cosmetic surgery franchise has been successfully sued by the New York State attorney general’s office for posting fake positive customer reviews on social media sites.

Oops. They broke more than the law. They also broke the first rule of social media: be authentic.

Deplorable, immoral, and as proven by New York State courts, illegal. That’s misleading your customer in the most traditional sense of the word.

They’re Talking About You

That’s an extreme sample from the world of online review sites. There are loads of them out there, and consumers use them all the time to research before making buying decisions. Check out yelp.com, epinions.com, or even Amazon.com’s review section for examples of this kind of thing.

You just might find that they’re talking about you on some of these sites. Hopefully it’s all good press. If it’s not, don’t panic and shoot yourself in the foot like “McNosejob’s” did. (Round of applause to whoever can come up with a funnier name for a cosmetic surgery franchise. I call dibs on “Long John Liposuction’s”.)

Leveraging Review Sites without Selling Your Soul (or being sued)

We’ve got a better solution. One that’s honest, transparent, and authentic.

We’ve developed a program that activates your loyal customers, and encourages them to post honest, impartial reviews of your business on review sites. We’ll get your customers set up with profiles on relevant review sites, show them how to work the ropes, and then step back and let them post their true feelings about your business. It’s honest press that potential customers can use to get a true sense of your business during their decision making process.

It’s all part of our unique Marketing GPS approach, surrounding your customer with your message in all the places they hang out.