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Social media is an incredibly valuable tool that should be integrated when crafting your website. Here are three easy ideas on incorporating social media:

  1. Consider your website a branding hub for your company. This is where all your online activities should be found. Be sure your messages are clear and consistent, and don’t lose focus of what social media is supposed to do.
  2. Use easy to read widgets that post your social media feeds right onto your website. Place them in an area that the reader’s eye naturally travels to. Generally speaking, the upper right hand margin is a good location. Check out websites with lots of advertising (such as online newspapers). Ads are typically placed in areas that will receive many glances while reading content. Follow a similar style for your site.
  3. Allow people to share information from your site on various platforms. Include badges for tools like Facebook, Twitter, Digg,, and StumbleUpon. This is especially true for any blog you might maintain on your website. You will increase your chances of reaching new customers that way, and will also drive visitors to your website and social networking feeds.