Are you using email marketing to its greatest potential? Services like Constant Contact or iContact make it pretty easy to start up an email program.  Just enter some names in a list, drop some content into a pre-designed template and send out that e-newsletter.  Easy right?  Well yes…but no. Yes - it’s pretty easy to do.  No - it’s not …


Both your e-mail list and your website are awesome tools that help the internet bring business to you. So use your website to collect e-mail addresses. And use your e-mail contacts to bring visitors to your site. And as this cycle continues, you’ll find your business spinning its way to more clients - and higher profits.


This marks the 1 year anniversary of the Burst Marketing Blog. If you’re still here, it’s due to one thing - content. Content is king, now more than ever. In the May 29th, 2009 edition of the Albany Business Review, I mentioned that distribution of content is separating ever more quickly from the production of content. Traditional electronic and print …