Once upon a time, much of Albany as we know it today was just a bunch of farm fields.

It’s humbling the think of yesterdecades and how things used to look, but unless you’re living in a well-photographed landmark (or unless you’re really old), chances of you seeing how your home used to look are slim.

Lucky for us, we here at IntelliSites have a good friend in Bob Eastman from Ground Aerial. We just launched his new website [check it out here!].  Along the way, he said he had a photo of the IntelliSites lot long before Al Gore invented the Interweb.

Below is a postcard postmarked August 1916:

Here’s how it looks today:

Pretty neat, huh? Too bad they didn’t have Bing back then to compare. Luckily for us, we have Bob Eastman. If you haven’t heard of Ground Aerial before, check them out. The business is really neat!