Website - Hoffman's website needed to support the strong brand they had built. Our "dashboard" design made a big impact on captured leads.
Employee Interface - The employee portal brought the brand to an often-overlooked, yet critical audience: employees.

Car Wash Website Redesign Boosts ROI over Previous High Benchmarks

Hoffman Car Wash

The Challenge

One of America’s largest and most successful car washes, and the regional franchisee for Jiffy Lube, Hoffman is a very established name.  They’ve had Burst develop their last two Car Wash websites for them.  In the new website, Burst had the additional pressure of developing a site that met Jiffy Lube branding guidelines and Hoffman’s new brand, while delivering improved conversions on an already popular website.

The Results

Along the way, Burst increased ecommerce and gift card sales, and developed the portal for immediate customer feedback and operational response, and also developed the Hoffman video for improving employee retention.

Although we cannot divulge specific ROI, we can say that it is a significant multiplier on return on investment since its inception.