Direct Mail - The campaign was launched with a compelling offer, delivered directly to customers.
Landing Page - To register for the prize, customers had to submit their email address, helping Bove build it's remarketing list.
Email - Email was used as a secondary touchpoint, reminding customers of the offer

Customer Campaign Boosts Results by 600%

G.A. Bove & Sons

The Challenge

G.A. Bove & Sons, Inc. came to Burst Marketing to help accomplish numerous marketing goals. One key piece of low hanging fruit was their spring cleaning service. They had found over time that customers loved the service, but weren’t really aware of it. So while reviews were good, only a small percent of customers used the service.

The Strategy

Burst built a customer communication campaign with two goals. The first: increase participation in the service. The second: help Bove gather customer email addresses, making future marketing more cost-effective. We launched a small segment of the campaign to test effectiveness and gather data, setting the stage for campaign optimization.

The Results

After the initial test campaign, we’re pleased to say that G.A Bove has increased appointments by 600% (year over year).

They’ve also gathered over 350 new email subscribers, setting the stage for targeted campaigns to come.

We saw similar results in our campaigns for DNT Express and Andrea Langford.

Client Reflections

“I’m very happy with the results. You created twice the results in 1/3 of the time. We’re seeing the results and we’re happy about it.”

- John V. Bove