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Launching a Niche Brand for Brides

EmilyGrace Gown Preservation

EmilyGrace Gown Preservation was a labor of love. When Tim and Catherine McCann - owners of Best Cleaners - approached Burst Marketing the brand was just an idea: to give brides the best possible wedding gown preservation experience. Combining efficient operations, high quality gown detailing and exceptional service, they envisioned a 100% e-commerce solution for brides nationwide. Their new business — named EmilyGrace for their two daughters — required all of the branding bells and whistles to help ensure its success.

Burst Marketing started with a strategic analysis, helping to position EmilyGrace within its competitive environment of brick and mortar stores and online establishments. It identified market place trends and pinpointed the target audience.

Burst then used their strategic positioning to develop the perfect logo and brand standards. A custom website would be the primary driver for sales. From developing compelling copy to designing an exquisite user experience, Burst Marketing was central to the growth of the new business.

Following the launch of the site, Burst was engaged to develop a marketing strategy to help promote the business to a national online audience - by way of search and display ads. A social media strategy, online advertising, and a compelling e-mail marketing campaign were created to drive awareness and sales.

Burst Marketing worked with EmilyGrace to develop the process for accepting gowns into their facilities, including a “pre-clean package” that was instructive, easy to use, and exquisite.

The enclosed “How To” card provided customers with the reassurance necessary for entrusting EmilyGrace with the care of their wedding gown. The “Thank You” note served to not only thank the bride for her order, but encouraged positive endorsements, online and with her friends. The packaging itself was branded with the EmilyGrace logo - communicating to customers that EmilyGrace is detail-oriented down to the box.

EmilyGrace Gown Preservation launched a stunning, responsive website that, combined with a laser-focused digital marketing strategy and elegantly branded materials, served to drive sales across the region. In a short timeframe, they gained notoriety country-wide, and positioned the company for lucrative strategic partnerships.