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Throughout each stage of the buying cycle, there are specific and appropriate tactics that work to attract, convert and nurture the right customers and keep them coming back for more. While some businesses today rely heavily on digital tactics, traditional methods remain relevant.

Early on, in the unaware phase, it’s just letting the prospect know you exist. Later, in the sold and serving stage, it’s about deepening the relationship. By fostering these relationships, clients remain trusted business partners, even friends and advocates.

One impactful way to foster business relationships is by giving memorable holiday gifts to each of your clients. Gifts around the holidays let your clients know you’re thinking of them, thanking them for allowing you to do great work and that you’re looking forward to the year ahead. They also add a personal touch to normal day-to-day business interactions. If you’re thinking about giving your clients holiday gifts this season, use these tips to make it a success.

1. Know your client.

Be sensitive to religious beliefs and values. If you’re unsure, try sticking to gifts that are appropriate regardless of religious beliefs. Also, when giving food items, be aware of allergies or dietary restrictions. You wouldn’t want to give a sausage and cheese platter to a vegan.

2. Get creative.

Spend time searching for unique, high-quality gifts. Don’t give clients anything you wouldn’t personally find value in or use. Some examples of great holiday gifts are glass water bottles, food items (pastries, cookies, cheese), a branded set of stone coasters or a subscription service such as Netflix, Dollar Shave Club or BirchBox.

3. Go local.

Think of places around your city or town that have things your client would like. Anyone can go to Target and pick out gloves with a matching scarf, but not everyone would take the extra time and money to browse local shops looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.

4. Keep your company top of mind.

Send something branded with your company logo to celebrate the work you’ve done together—extra points if it’s something that sticks around their home or office for a while, so they’ll think of your company when they use it. However, make sure the item is of value to him or her—otherwise, you run the risk of making a personal gift all about your company.

5. Get it done right.

Not only should the gift be good quality, so should the packaging. After you’ve found the perfect gift, focus on presentation. Go all out with ribbons, bows, boxes and paper. If you’re shipping, be sure to package the item well to avoid breaking or tearing in the mail.

Holiday gifts are only one way to maintain positive and lasting partnerships with clients. Need more tips on fostering healthy client relationships at the late stage of the buy cycle? Read the white paper, The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Digital and Traditional Tactics for ways to keep business relationships on track from beginning to end.