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Search Engine Results (i.e. SEO) is a key business driver for many of our clients. Many of them rely on search results to help fill the pipeline with leads, and get new business conversations started. And keeping up with SEO trends is essential to that effort.

But getting those results is a constant adjustment to Google’s algorithm changes. What worked 6 months ago isn’t quite doing the trick anymore.

Here’s how to get the best results from your SEO efforts in 2013.

Top SEO Trends for 2013

Hire Noteworthy Writers

Google now uses author information to rank content more accurately. That means you should focus on hiring writers who publish influential articles on specific industries. The more authority the writer has, the higher Google will rank your site. That means you can forget having your intern post short entries. You’ll get better results by publishing content from a well-respected writer.

Focus on Quality

Google and other search engines have become sophisticated enough to ignore SEO short-cuts that once dominated the online marketing industry. Now, you have to focus on quality content. Stop wasting time with frivolous, keyword-stuffed content. Search engines have gotten too smart for that. By offering better content, you’ll also give your customers information that they need. That can keep them coming back to your site while you attract new visitors.

Go Mobile

Mobile searches have increased by 500 percent in just a couple years. As more and more people rely on their mobile devices to access the Web, you have to make sure your site is ready. Spend some time researching the ways that mobile users want to use your site. Then, devote resources to making sure your website functions on the most popular devices and mobile browsers. Otherwise, your customers will head to sites that work better.

Make Your Company Social

Google pays attention to how often a piece of content gets shared. If you haven’t taken your company and its content social, then you’re falling behind. Get your messages out there by joining Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other platforms. Social media isn’t a matter of looking hip anymore. It’s an essential tool that will help decide your level of success.

Use New, Attractive Designs

Search engines don’t pay a lot of attention to what your site looks like, but human visitors certainly do. Check out new trends like parallax design. Parallax designs use foreground and background images that move at different speeds. This creates depth and movement that can bring a website to life. A lot of sites have already invested in this and other evolving design technologies. Don’t fall behind or you’ll get left behind.

By keeping up with the latest trends, you can stay ahead of competitors, boost your search engine rankings, attract new visitors, and keep your customers happy. Given those reasons, you simply have to consider which trends will impact your business.