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Rachel plays by the numbers. In fact she eats, sleeps and breathes numbers. As our comptroller, she helps maintain our clients’ budgets and works with our accounts team to promote optimal capacity utilization.

Her diligence ensures that invoices match estimates, that vendors deliver on their promises and there are no surprises when a campaign is completed. Rachel keeps everyone honest, and we love her for that.

Before coming to Smith & Jones, she was a pioneer in the extreme couponing movement and she earned a degree in Accounting from Albright College in Reading, PA.

Her interest in numbers extends to her personal life: her children (2), her dog (1) and her husband of nearly 15 years. She spends 18 hours a week with her children at gymnastics and 24 weekends out of the year camping with her friends and family. When she gets a day off, she enjoys 1 or 2 drinks with her girlfriends.