Digital and Traditional Advertising

Surround your target audience with the perfect media mix

Creating a recognizable and respected brand takes more than a great website and social media. In today’s digital world full of information, it pays to be seen. Advertising puts your brand in places that it will be seen. Combine that with attention-getting creative and your audience won’t be able to ignore you.

Advertising and paid media channels can help increase brand integrity and recognizability, while driving web traffic and brand interaction. Advertising can spark curiosity in the minds of your audience, igniting the flames of action and recognition that create buyers.

As a full-service integrated marketing agency, Burst Marketing offers a full-slate of advertising, media, and direct marketing options for our clients. Our wide range of offerings equip us with the tools to make any campaign a success by crafting the perfect combinations of eye-catching paid media. We work on an individualized basis to ensure that each of our clients are getting the right media mix to pin-point their specific target audience and surround them with effective brand messaging.

Here are a few services we offer that can help you accomplish your advertising goals:

  • Advertising owned media
  • Online video, broadcast, cable and television advertising
  • Digital, display, social and search ads
  • Print, brochures, business cards, hang tags, post cards
  • Out of home, transit
  • Online audio streaming and broadcast radio

We’re experts in choosing the right materials and channels to get you noticed. Our media strategists and creative team work together seamlessly to craft eye-catching advertising materials, and deliver them in the right places and times. How can we help get your brand noticed?