Identity Crisis?

Let Burst help you achieve cohesive brand strategy

Branding allows a company to create cohesive messaging every time a consumer comes into contact with the brand. Without a consistent voice and clear unique selling point, a company can get lost in the shuffle of the many options available of today’s online consumer. Because buyers today are doing their research before choosing a product, branding becomes more valuable than ever in establishing your worth.

Burst Marketing has a tried-and-true process for developing award-winning brands that engage with consumers. We start by calling a meeting with key decision makers of the company to discuss the current brand positioning. We touch on four major areas of interest to uncover key insights about the reality of the existing brand. They are:

  • Current branding: What is the general publics view of the current brand?
  • Primary Competition: How does the public view the current brand’s competition?
  • Target Audience: What kind of people are they? What is their lifestyle like? Where are they from? What are the different segments of the target audience?
  • CurrentStrategy: What is or isn’t working? What are some areas for improvement?

After we’ve dissected the current brand, we take away four main insights that help us construct a new brand positioning statement. This is a key step in our process, as it becomes the basis for the entire brand and messaging. The brand positioning statement will present what makes the company unique and how it can provide solutions for a specified need of the target audience.

Once we’ve established the brand positioning, we can start to bring your new brand to life. Some ways we achieve this are by:

  • Mapping out brand pillars: an extension of the brand’s core values, words that embody the new positioning statement.
  • Establishing a creative direction: selecting images, color schemes, icons and mapping out the overall design and look and feel

This process isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each client is different, and we can adjust our process to fit individual needs and goals. How can we help you solve your identity crisis?