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So a semi-thaw has begun in the frozen tundra that is economic activity.

Some business owners have reported an increase in productive conversations with potential new clients.  New business is being booked.  There is a small semblance of a smile forming at the corners of their mouths.

After many months (for some a couple of years) of absolutely no response to their marketing efforts there are signs of renewed life.  We’ve heard from one owner that has seen results from a small marketing effort - he seems to think that he can handle the new inquiries for now and then do a little more marketing, handle those new inquiries, and so on.

Our message to him…don’t get cocky.

Yes, customers are placing orders to catch up for those that have long been on hold.  The spending freeze over the past 18 - 24 months has led to some initial catch up business for those that have survived.

What happens when those purchases are finished?

Well, the normal marketing and sales cycle kicks back in, but with a longer time line.  We’re certainly nowhere near being out of the woods.

Marketing success cannot be achieved by turning the spigot on and off in spurts.  If you hooked your marketing effort up to a heart rate monitor, it should look something like a normal sinus rhythm.  Steady, steady, steady, pulse.  Steady, steady, steady, pulse.

This thaw is the signal that prospects are at least somewhat willing to listen.  And its your signal to warm up, approach the starting blocks and begin to jog.