Yes, you can buy cheap promotional products anywhere. But it’s more than just the cheapest price you can get. Isn’t it about helping you plan a memorable event or marketing campaign - within a budget - and get better revenue results?

Here’s a few things to think about — we’re an Albany promotions firms:

Promotions Is Our Middle Name

Our brand consultants are in tune with the latest trends, and what works for every audience - including your penny-pinching accountant. We add creativity & imagination to your overall program to achieve your goals and save you money.

Get A Sample Before You Order

Have you ever ordered something online then realized it was junk after you got it? We can  get you real samples of the best value promotional items, logo apparel, or tradeshow giveaways. You’ll be completely satisfied!

Award Winning Graphic Designers & Creative Assistance

Even the best items can look terrible given the wrong message or graphic design. Burst’s creative team has developed award winning branding, one-of-a-kind promotional products and creative tradeshow marketing products.

Rush Service

Do you need it fast? Most often, we pull out the stops and say ‘heck, yeah’! Hot Rush services are available (based on production capacity and requested method).

Talk to us about creating promotional items that