A content strategy is what you say - and how, when and where you say it.

74% of small businesses plan to increase their focus on content marketing in 2013 
-   Businessbolts.com survey of 265 Small Business Marketing Managers

Have you Developed Yours?

Communicating with your target market is often about driving them to a place of business, a website, Facebook page, YouTube channel or other location – physical or virtual.

But what happens once they get there? Do they find things that are interesting and relevant to them? Or do they feel like you’re wasting their time and leave before you’ve engaged them? If you’re not sure, you might have a content problem, and it might be killing your business.

What is “Good Content?”

Good content is interesting and relevant to your audience. It drives action. And is consistent both online and offline.

Content is delivered through many mediums: website copywriting, public relations, research studies and white papers, public events newsletters, video and animation, smartphone apps, newsletters, picture galleries, webinars and podcasts, posts, tweets - and much more. What you say or don’t say can hurt you.