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Is there anything more frustrating than tech problems?

You’re cranking out that report right on deadline…in the flow as it were.  Focusing on capturing your best work, you plow through until its done.  Then you lean back, satisfied.  One more look see for typos and spelling errors and then print and deliver.

You hit print, enter and then….nothing.  Frozen.  It’s OK though, just reboot and you’ll print it after it fires up.


You were so focused on pumping out the words, that you forgot one little thing….SAVE.

If you hit restart, it’s gone…

All the stages of grief begin to flow…shock, anger, sadness, and finally…resignation.  You’re going to have to start over.

How do you think your customer feels when suddenly the “server” goes down?  When service stops.

Sure the economy stinks - and you need every customer you can get.  So how can a company afford to stop marketing for new customers, especially in a downturn.

How can they afford to lay off customer service personnel…or those long-time staff who know the company inside and out - and have relationships with all the key customers?

The answer…can’t afford it - gotta survive.

OK.  So as their competitor, what does this mean to you?

It sets up a unique opportunity…but it takes some foresight and guts.  In other words - leadership.  The first companies to restore top-notch service and aggressive marketing will pick up customers as they return to the market.

Is it time for you to reboot?