The current issue of BusinessWeek features a story on the pervasiveness of a flexible, temporary workforce.

It’s not hard to understand why.

The Great Recession has made everyone gun shy. Using temporary workers is a way to hedge your bet. Wait until you can be sure business is back before taking on the expense hiring full-time workers.

26% of America’s workforce are “non standard” - temps, contract workers, and part timers. And from a risk-control perspective it makes sense.

But here’s a question:

Is your business part time? Is serving your clients and customers a part-time gig? How about sales?

The danger of a temporary work force is that they may have no real investment in your Company’s success. Caring about the job is a paycheck thing, not a customer thing.

Investing to add a qualified member of your team or paying to have a specific task done or hours filled -

Which is the bigger risk?