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To get the most out of your search engine efforts, you must focus your energy in the right
direction. Yes, blogging is a great place to start, but there are many other avenues that
will help you to increase your search engine ranks. As the saying goes, ”Content Is King.”
Your website should be full of relevant and unique content and information to ensure that you are ranking on Google and engaging your customers.

Here is a list of content areas that you should be focusing on:


Videos are easily digestible, very sharable and have big viral potential - if your content is compelling enough. Plus, many consumers are visual learners. Start with an “how-to” guide.

White Papers

White papers are intended to be a more academic piece of work, coming from an expert in the field. Ensure that your white papers are written by the right people in your company and are written with the goal to help your consumer better understand your industry.

News Releases

Form relationships with your local media outlets and work together to promote your business through news releases and other media channels. Whether it is big or small, make sure to get the good news out there.

Social Posts

If done the right way, social media can become one of your biggest assets. Many companies use their Facebook & Twitter pages for real-time updates, why can’t you do the same?


Yes, infographics are a lot of work. But, they are one of the most shared pieces of information on the internet. Give someone on your team an opportunity to show off their graphic design skills.

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