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Pinterest does more than let people share interesting images they find online. The site also creates marketing opportunities that you could use to gain more exposure online.

Try these five ways to use Pinterest to rank in search engines:

Tip #1: Add Keywords and Phrases to Boost Ranking

Always give you images names that search engines can recognize. Something like “3_12_13_0001.jpg” is just a waste. Instead use a name that will attract search engines. If you’re in home sales, you might use something like “San-Francisco-Townhouse.jpg.”

Pinterest also gives you 500 characters to describe your image. Include plenty of keywords in the description, but keep it natural for humans to read.

Tip #2: Include URLs in Your Description

Google doesn’t pay any attention to URLs that you edit into your images. It does, however, pay attention to links in your description. Include a link to your site to boost your ranking and direct more traffic from your Pinterest board to your website.

Tip #3: Find Websites That Accept Guest Bloggers

Pinterest’s “Categories” feature makes it pretty easy to identify other websites in your industry. The categories include:

and many others that help you find sites that share common interests with you.

When you guest blog, you can usually include a link to your website. This incoming link tells Google and Bing that other people are interested in your site and that boosts your ranking.

Tip #4: Know Your Competitors

You can use Pinterest to see all of the images pinned from a specific website. That gives you a better idea of what your competitors are doing to get more attention and boost traffic. Pay attention to what they do. If they use a new technique, you may want to hop on the trend if it’s a good one.

Tip #5: : Gain Exposure With a Giveaway

Use Pinterest to find popular websites that might want to host a giveaway. Let’s say you have event tickets that you want to giveaway to promote your website. Announcing the giveaway on your site could increase traffic. Announcing it on someone else’s site, however, means that you can tap into a whole new audience of readers.

It’s always impossible to guarantee a specific improvement in search engine rankings, but these tips should at least help you get a boost that takes you one step closer to the top.