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Short and Sweet This Week

I’ve been a little…longwinded lately.

I don’t mean to write so much, it’s just that I get amped up about things like squeezing more leads from your website, why strategy is so powerful or whether you really need a mobile website (short answer: yes)

I’ll give you a break this week and keep it brief.

Gimme Options

Do you buy something at every website you visit?

If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no.

If you look at your own websites analytics, you’ll probably see that most of your visitors don’t buy your product or service, especially not on their first visit to your site. They’re researching, window shopping, killing time, etc.

But just because there’s no purchase, that doesn’t mean you can’t derive some value from those visitors.

Secondary Calls to Action Bring ‘em in Gently

This is where a secondary Call to Action can work wonders.

Secondary CTAs are things you ask your visitors to do that require less commitment than the final purchase. You’ve seen them a million times.

Things like

The most effective CTAs are often the ones that are tailored to specific audiences.

For instance, if you’re a college or university, you may want to offer prospective students the opportunity to download a video of a complete class session in their area of interest.

Sample Secondary Calls to Action

Here are a few samples of what these can look like.

Hot Harry’s Burritos



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