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The IntelliSites Albany Web Design team has a new bag of tricks to use when we set up online stores for our clients.

We’ve recently started harnessing the power of Magento. This open-source superhero e-commerce platform makes our job easier and our clients’ online stores mightier.

Magento’s Magic

Magento is killer for a lot of reasons. It allows users to incorporate tons of features into online stores. Everything from a well-designed shopping cart to a smooth checkout process are simple to build with Magento, and the end products are fantastic. A customer shopping at an online storefront made with Magento’s goodness can easily browse the online catalog, place desired items in a shopping cart that estimates shipping and tax, set up a user account if desired, and check out securely. And on the business owner’s end, an Administration Panel and analytics will help you keep tabs on anything and everything that goes on in your online store.

We love the features that Magento provides, and we also love that it’s open-source. That means we can tweak it to make it do whatever we need it to do without making anybody mad. We can pick and choose which features we think will work for one of our clients and add our own flair to make each e-commerce site we build unique. It’s like having a refrigerator full of really, really high quality ingredients at your fingertips that you can mix and match and season to make a perfect recipe.

So you can see why we’re pumped to bring Magento – and its product browsing features and shopping carts and checkout screens and analytics and administration panels and awesomeness – onto the scene.