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This is definitely the year mobile begins to show real flashes of its promise.

According to Joy Liuzzo from Insight Express, based on three years’ worth of research data mobile advertising is twice as effective as online advertising when it comes to ad awareness, and a whopping six times more effective in the “holy grail” category of purchase intent.

In the retail sector specifically, mobile ads were 14 times more powerful than online in the area of aided awareness and 8 times more effective in purchase intent.

Does this mean that mobile advertising is better than online advertising?  No.

This reflects the increasing reliance of consumers and business on devices.  Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous.  But they are not yet a replacement for the desktop where websites rule.

Rather, it means that mobile deserves a legitimate look as a part of your overall media mix.  And just as all things technology - that growth can come fast.

Food for thought.  Comments?