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Everyday, we are inundated with direct mail, commercials, online pop-ups and advertisements, each telling us to take a different action. Call now! Click here! Visit for more information! In order to drive sales and boost conversion rates, you need to create powerful calls to action. But what do your calls to action actually ask your audience to do? Your audience is awaiting and expecting a prompt from you, so you need to create motivating and resonating calls to action.

A call to action (CTA) is a phrase that asks for the customer’s business. It should be attention-grabbing and tie in with your company’s goals. But why should people follow your CTA? What’s in it for them? You need to clearly demonstrate why following the CTA will benefit them and make their lives better or easier. This explanation will increase customer motivation and conversion rates.

Give clear examples of how the CTA will make life better throughout your copy. For example, try to use phrasing like this:

Using our new book-keeping software saves you time by allowing you to combine all your accounting functions into one program. Click here to download a free trial.

The above sentences do three things: First, it tells the customer the ultimate benefit of using the product. Second, it provides an example as to how it works. Lastly, customers are prompted to take a tangible action to learn more. These three elements need to be included in your CTA.

If you don’t have a product you can allow customers to sample, you should direct them to contact your offices. Be mindful of the best way for customers to contact you. Is it better for them to call your sales department, or should they email you to gather information? Either way, include the best contact method in the CTA by either placing a phone number in the copy or linking to an email submission form.

Make it easy for the customer to fulfill to CTA. Don’t lose your chance to gain business by providing complicated conversion processes. Make the action clear and easily understood. The action should also be something immediate – making a phone call, downloading a product, proceeding to the next page or completing and submitting a simple form. If necessary, make the CTA time-sensitive to encourage immediate action.

Clear and concise CTAs will engage your audience and increase conversion rates. CTAs are an essential factor in your sales that asks your audience for a specific action. Regardless of your end goal, your CTA is the first step in driving people into the sales funnel. It needs to capture attention and be easily understood and fulfilled. These handy tricks will help you achieve this undoubtedly.