Content is king in any campaign. Then it needs various pathways to flow to the target.

One pathway that’s gotten a bad rap is the telephone. Too many pushy telemarketers have spoiled the bunch for those who want to use the phone in a responsible way as part of their communication mix.

For B2B targets, all’s still fair game. For B2C customers, the Do Not Call registry and the CAN-SPAM act have done a fairly good job of closing down that channel.

There is, however, a growing technique for integrating voice into your campaigns. And it is proving to be extremely effective even with individual consumers.

Recent case studies are showing that a relatively small investment can yield big returns.

Boston College achieved a 2000% return by generating a $200,000 profit from a $10,000 investment in a voice-based campaign.

Next week, I’ll tell you how they did it.

Posted by: Steve Banis