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This marks the 1 year anniversary of the Burst Marketing Blog. If you’re still here, it’s due to one thing - content.

Content is king, now more than ever. In the May 29th, 2009 edition of the Albany Business Review, I mentioned that distribution of content is separating ever more quickly from the production of content.

Traditional electronic and print content mediums are joined by mobile broadcast and by websites, blogs, social media outlets, email, video and audio streaming and other online content distribution channels to blur the focus of where people get their content.

As the where becomes more fragmented, the what becomes the central hub of your communication plan.

To put a spin on a piece of advice mom may have once given you…

‘it’s not how you say it, it’s what you say.’

Targeting is still important - very important. But the reasons for that and the execution of it are different than they used to be not so long ago. Targeting now comes first in the form of content and next in the area of placement. Cost per 1000 or GRPs are too misleading today to be reliable measures of spending effectiveness.

Your target may be listening or watching something one moment and then seconds later be somewhere else. Trying to hit them in a single spot is like tracking a mirage in the desert. Don’t try.

Content is the one constant you can control.

Posted by: Steve Banis