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Business networking lends itself to a certain level of self-promotion.

So when you’re in a discussion group with other professionals, you expect people to mention their businesses in hopes of getting new customers.

But just like at a networking event where you don’t have someone jump up on a table and start singing their theme song, there are certain rules that apply to LinkedIn discussion groups.

Here’s a perfect example:

First off, this is not a discussion — it’s a clear sales pitch. It just makes people mad — especially since they already invested time (albeit a split second) to read the first part of the headline. That leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

Is this spam or just an immature person posting like this?

There’s something to be said for guerrilla marketing campaigns, but this is hardly anything more than annoying.

To the credit of the person who made the above post, it did spark a chain of office discussion e-mails and this blog post. Perhaps it accomplished exactly what they were going for…

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