When you have a website rich in content and functionality that is also well-organized, you’ve got a site that will appeal to everyone. Customers who need to quickly check a price or get a quote can get in and out, while customers who like to browse will have plenty to look at. It’s just like when you go to Walmart. Walmart caters to both types of customers – the Express Line crew and the bargain hunters who stroll through the whole store and collect a cart full of goodies. And by having both the selection and the organization that appeal to so many, both Walmart and your website can continue to impress both types of customers and bring them what they need.

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The most stereotypical example of poor customer service had always been the Department of Motor Vehicles. Mention the DMV and instantly images of gargantuan lines pop into your head and your eye begins to twitch.  More recently however, the DMV had made some improvements by adopting common sense operational efficiencies and online tools. Many locations will give the poor motorist …


They may as well go ahead and declare today a national holiday.  As I write this, Super Bowl XLIV kicks off in a matter of hours. Tens of millions will tune in.  Most for the game.  Regardless - it’s what they call “appointment TV.”  The Olympics start soon too.  American Idol is in full swing.  Fire up the DVR. Pulling …