A web design has a lot of jobs, and one of the most important jobs is to make you some dough.  Your chances of making this happen increase when a web design gets people delving further into the site, arriving at points where they can input their contact information, get a quote, or buy something. We talked a little about this before in previous articles

That means that in order for a design to work, your homepage has to hook your visitors.

Here’s How to Help Your Homepage Hook

If you don’t get your visitors involved right away, you may lose them, so you need to get them clicking deeper into your site.  You do this by focusing on their pain points, and then giving them the first step to a solution right on the homepage.

The problem they have, of course, will depend on the goods and services that you’re selling.  But the idea is to reveal a pain point for the visitor that will make him think, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel!”

For example, if your business involves fixing cars, you could include copy that reads, “Are you sure that your car will keep your family safe as you drive this winter?”  Copy like that makes the website visitor stop and think, Wait, is my car safe for winter?  I think so, but I’m not a professional…Should I get it checked out?

Since people are bombarded with advertising messages like that, however, you do have to get your visitor to act right away before they move on to the next dilemma.  This can be accomplished by pairing this compelling copy with a call to action button that gets the person involved in addressing this problem immediately.  Keeping with the car example, something like, “Click here for information on our FREE 12-point winter car inspection” would work well.  Now that you’ve raised the issue, you’ve given the web surfer a way to start the process of solving the problem.

Take a little gander at your homepage.  Have you reminded casual visitors that they have a problem that you know how to solve?  Have you given them an easy way to get started with that process?