Website Homepage - The homepage kills two birds: segmenting visitors, and displaying breadth of services
Inside Page - The inside pages continue the funnel, giving visitors quick access to estimates.

Home Builder Website Redesign Boosts Inbound Leads by 266%

Bennett Contracting

The Challenge

When Bennett Contracting came to Burst for a redesign of their home builder website, they had three goals in mind: create a great user experience, communicate their competitive position as the area’s most trusted remodeler, and showcase the scope and quality of work they provide.

The Strategy

Burst’s proprietary blueprinting process uncovered a number of insights that helped drive the redesign. Specifically, that segmenting visitors with a compelling visual interface right on the homepage was a key opportunity to boost site engagement. This led to an outside-the-box approach which both segments visitors and showcases the client’s breadth of services simultaneously.

The Results

In the first two months after launch, customer response skyrocketed from 30 leads per month to over 80 leads per month – a 266% increase. Since then, traffic and leads have continually increased month over month, even during the slow winter season.

The redesign also won a “Best in Building Award” from the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association (CDBRA)

Client Reflections

“The success of our website was a collaborative effort. We have to thank the web design and development team at Burst Marketing, our partners in the website project,” continued Jackson. “Their web expertise and interface design helped us translate our vision into an effective marketing and conversion tool,” he said.