Troy Logo - An updated logo showcases the new brand, effectively transitioning the company from “Troy Belting” to “Troy Industrial Solutions.”
Tri-fold Brochure - This tri-fold brochure identifies Troy Industrial Solutions’ core competencies and product offerings.
Seminar Invite Cover - Invitation for Troy Industrial Solutions’ Motor Maintenance Seminars.
Troy Website - Website and corresponding mobile site promote Troy’s updated brand and directs users to learn more about service offerings, products, and resources.
Hydraulic Healthcare Mailer - A mailer designed for Troy's Hydraulic Healthcare campaign

Industrial Brand Launch Fills Demand Pipeline and Exceeds Industry Standards

Troy Industrial Solutions

The Challenge

Troy Industrial Solutions has a storied past - founded more than 150 years ago, it’s become a household name in the motor industry. In recent decades, Troy has evolved from an industrial product supplier to a more diversified “maintenance support company,” offering a full range of industrial supplies, repair services & custom solutions. Still known as “Troy Belting & Supply”, a new name and industrial brand launch were needed to represent who they are today along with better promotion of their products & services, including their new hydraulic repair business.

The Strategy

Burst began with the development of a strategic marketing plan that guided the creation of a new name, a new brand, and a new website that reflected the Company’s leadership and best-in-class offerings.  We launched a series of integrated campaigns, beginning with a multi-channel promotion of their 150th Anniversary via public relations, email marketing, direct mail & custom landing pages.  This dovetailed into consistent quarterly campaigns to fill highly profitable client training seminars; client email marketing campaigns; and robust lead generating search marketing campaigns.

The Results

  • A new brand name and message that maintains the established brand equity in the Troy name while clearly communicating its industry leadership and broad menu of products and services.
  • An industry-leading website and online marketing program that, for the first time, generated a significant number of web leads and click-thru rates in excess of 15% - well above industry averages.
  • Dozens of new leads and contracts from events that are now regularly full or over capacity – often requiring encore or private training sessions to meet the demand.
  • Implementation of quarterly campaigns resulted in new service orders from customers who hadn’t previously worked with Troy.
  • The milestone 150th Anniversary event generated coverage from every major print and broadcast news outlet and was attended by prominent political and regional industry leaders.