Bus Shelter Poster - NX is all about convenience. Burst created a clean look and helped focus CDTA on the right benefits.
Brochure - The NX service was not broadly understood. A clearly designed zone map anchored the brochure, the core informational piece for the campaign.

Transportation Marketing Campaign Boosts Ridership by 10%


The Challenge

CDTA is the Capital Region’s premier mobility provider. As CDTA neared completion of a successful route restructuring, they hired us to help build a comprehensive transportation marketing campaign around their Northway Express (NX) Commuter Service.

Burst uncovered that the NX Brand was not top of mind among the key demographic: Northway commuters. Commuters who knew of the service did not know the most compelling features, like onboard WiFi and simplified service.

The Strategy

Our strategic approach uncovered growth opportunities. Frustrations with Northway commuting are common, and many commuters would be enticed by a more relaxing, productive alternative.

We built a compelling core message that was adjusted to radio, tv, outdoor, direct and web formats. Media was chosen to convey key benefits to hundreds of thousands of commuters, many of them at the moment when they were most likely to feel frustration with their commute.

The Results

The results? Ridership jumped 10%. See other ways we’ve used transportation marketing