The definition of Brand (noun).  The action of Branding. (verb)

IMHO this word - Brand - is thrown around much too casually.  Every creative shop in town talks about “Branding” to their clients.  But, do they really know what branding is?

A complete Brand strategy will accomplish two important objectives.  Here they are along with a sentence to clarify:

  1. Explain why anyone should do business with you
    • Defining who you are and the benefit(s) you deliver to a specific target audience over a long period of time.


  2. Aid in recognition and recall
    • Creating a recognizable logo and differentiable tag line along with supportive color schemes and consistency guidelines for how to use them.

Unfortunately, too often Brand is mistakenly thought of as only a visual thing.

A Brand strategy should help you generate business.  It must answer the “why” question to generate profitable action.  It’s more than just the pretty stuff.