Here’s a little secret about this blog.

We write it partially because we love sharing our thoughts and knowledge about web design with you.  We love giving out free advice and information because, truthfully, we like you a whole lot.

But, to be honest, we also get something out of it.  (Besides, of course, the joy and warm fuzzy feeling that only generosity can bring.)

By blogging it up on this page, we’re kissing up to the search engines.  The articles we write deal with lots of issues that are relevant to web design - and the more we write, the more the search engines like us.  As we touch on different website-related issues, we’re incorporating more and more valuable content into our site.  The search engines are definitely going to take that into consideration when they figure out how to rank us.

Why are we telling you this secret?  So you can go out and do the same.  Blogging is a great way to let your clients get to know you better and to provide them with interesting information.  It helps you to show off your expertise while giving your clients a good reason to keep checking back in on your website.

And, like the cherry that tops off a perfect sundae, it helps to make your website more attractive to search engines.

Now, in order to maximize the appeal that your blog has to search engines, just make sure that you do put together posts that are really informative and relevant to whatever business you’re in.  To some, blogging implies writing casually about day to day happenings, and although blogging about the Jay Leno shaped cloud that you saw on the way to work might make your readers smile, just make sure to incorporate that anecdote into an article that has something to do with something important.

If you can pull that off, you’ll have a blog that your website visitors - and the search engines - will dig.